Friday, October 28, 2011

Dot Moore and her latest book . . .

The Meriwether Historical Society is pleased to announce that author Dot Moore will return to Greenville this Sunday, October 30th to speak about her recent book, No Remorse: the Rise and Fall of John Wallace.  Moore spoke to a packed courtroom in Greenville several years ago when she published her first book Oracle of the Ages about the life of fortune teller Mayhayley Lancaster. The public is invited to this second program to be held on the second floor courtroom at 4 pm.  There is no admission charged, and Moore will have her book available for sale for $24.95 with part of the proceeds going to the Meriwether Historical Society.
   The story of Meriwether farmer John Wallace who killed his farm hand William Turner earned a nationwide audience when reporter Margaret Ann Barnes of the Newnan Times-Herald wrote Murder in Coweta County in 1976. The book was made into a movie starring Andy Griffith as Wallace, Johnny Cash as Coweta Sheriff Lamar Potts and June Carter as Mayhayley Lancaster.
   Meriwether residents who knew Wallace and the fateful day when Turner was released from jail in Greenville have long taken a different view of what should have followed.  Most contend the murder occurred in Meriwether, not Coweta County, which would have placed Wallace in front of a Meriwether County jury instead of a Coweta one.
Author Dot Moore has used courthouse records, letters written by Wallace, and other documents to compile the biography that makes for a good read and a fascinating court case discussion. She brings with her items owned by Wallace.
   Again, the public is invited to attend the program in Greenville at the courthouse at 4 pm.

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  1. My name is Audrey Strickland decendant of John Wallace and his mother.
    This book highly upset me. It was said to be based off facts not gossip or hear say. Well, I beg to differ. And on top of messed up "facts" Mrs. Moore
    slandered our family name. The Strickland and Wallace family was labeled "hot heads" and made out to sound like we are abunch of crazy murders and killers running around loose. Truth be told our family has never been fond of liars or theifs till this day. We have always worked hard for what we have and don't appreciate when people take what dose not belong to them.
    I am sure this message will not set well with some but ask me if I care... Remember I am a Hot Headed Strickland.