Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boston Tea Party-Twas a Taxing Event

The Meriwether Historical Society’s entry into the July 4th Sweet Land of Liberty Parade in LaGrange brought home a third place ribbon. “The Original Tea Party: ’Twas a Taxing Event” featured young patriots masquerading as Mohawk Indians to dump King George’s tea into Boston Harbour in 1773.  Greenville Patriots were Jagger Stephens, Hannah, Rebecca, Bethany, and Caleb Emberton, and Evie Sinotte.

With a little engineering, Sally and Winston Neal turned the backyard canoe-with-hole-in-the-bottom into a British frigate. Toots Hobson called in ideas for the slogan, costumes, and special effects and, voila, we had a winner!

Many thanks to April Emberton and Renee Jagger for pulling together last minute outfits for the young patriots/Mohawks.